Black Creek/Aetna Mountain TIF--Corporate Welfare?


I am spending from my modest retirement savings on a lawsuit fighting tax increment financing (TIF) granted to the developers of the Black Creek subdivision for a road and sewer improvements up Aetna Mountain. I'm doing this because I believe the TIF is an enormous ($9 million), an improper and a likely illegal gift of taxpayer funds to developers who already have plenty of money. Our county and city governments approved the TIF too quickly, without enough information, and without enough public involvement. This lawsuit requests the Courts to declare it null and void so that no taxpayer dollars are spent on this project. 


I hope that other people in the Chattanooga area who read my Q&A page on this website (upper right tab) will also become disturbed about the misuse of their tax dollars and will contribute to the legal fund so the lawsuit can continue to move forward.

Thank you.

Helen Burns Sharp





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